5 Key Wardrobe Items Every Woman Must Have

I am of the belief that every woman should have her own individual sense of style however I think we can all agree on these 5 wardrobe essentials!

Skinny Jeans

First of all every woman should have a skinny pair of well fitted jeans to grab in the morning. They go with just about anything making them extremely easy to style! Wear with a jumper and trainers for a casual easy going look or heels and a blouse for a smarter, more sophistocated look. In the evenings opt for a pair of black skinny coated jeans with some over the knee boots for a effortless rock chick vibe.

White Blouse

A white silky blouse is something I personally couldn’t live without. Whether it be going for an interview, eating out with friends or just going down to the shops the white blouse is perfect for those days when you want to look a bit more polished without looking OTT. If your style is more edgy I suggest a heavy weight cotton blouse with a few artificial rips for a ‘lived in’ appearance. If your like me and prefer something more feminine a sheer silky shirt is definitely the best chioce! One of the most timeless items I can think of.

Black Duster Jacket

This wardrobe essential, is just that, because it looks good on everybody! What ever your pairing this with it will tie the outfit together. I wear mine to uni on those mornings I’ve been a little rushed in the hair and makeup department and need something to smarten the look up giving the impression my bed head bun is a deliberate attempt at ‘chic grunge’.

Statement Bag

The statement bag. I don’t think I really have to explain this one. Every female understands the need for multiple handbags in particularly the key statement bag. Any bold colours or shapes in bags are such a great way to add a little personality to your look without having to come away from a clean minimal and neutral colour palate (which so many people seem to opt for these days).

‘Balls are to men whats purses are to women’

– Sarah Jessica Parker

Killer Courts

Difficult to walk in at times but the killer stiletto court shoe is something every woman must have in her wardrobe. Like the white blouse this item is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Seeking out and investing in a good quality pair whether it be suede, leather or patent is a really good idea. It will pay off when your in need of a smart pair of interview shoes or something to pair with jeans or a dress when going for drinks later.

Below I have demonstrated how these 5 key wardrobe essentials look when put together. Links are included below. Photo credits to Sarah Johnson. Find her blog Here


Skinny Jenas      Topshop

White Blouse      Zara

Black Duster Jacket      Primark

Statement Bag      Kurt Geiger

Killer Courts      Office


One thought on “5 Key Wardrobe Items Every Woman Must Have

  1. Love the heart shaped bag, so pretty! I am also one of those people that have multiple bags but end up just using the same ones over and over again. I don’t have a pair of skinny jeans as my hips are wide and I think it looks awful, that’s why I still wear bootcut as it balances everything out 😄. Your outfit looks really well put together.

    The Life of Dee


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