Fashion Communication Module – Editorial Piece

My fashion communication module requires I produce a piece of text around 100 words for the fashion magazine we are producing. This can be anything that inspires me, is thought provoking or it can simply be about my favourite brand or product.

I have chosen to write about my love for perfume and have produced an accompanying image for a visual pleasing effect. To me this is a perfect example of how one piece of clothing, jewellery or scent can provoke a different reaction from every single individual. I think its these differences that makes the fashion industry such a complex and interesting environment to both study and work in! 


In order to get this effect I used photoshop on my image of Chanel No.5 perfume and put a filter on it so that I had a sketched outline of the bottle. I then brought it over into In Design to add my text and chose a suitable font and size so that the text filled the area in the bottle proportionally. Strictly speaking you can create the same effect in a Word document however a document in this format would not be suitable for magazine print hence the reason anyone working for a magazine would need to go through these channels. 

Photoshop and Indesign and Typekit (further font options) are all available from the Adobe Suite. Students get 60% off this package. It can be found at the link provided below. 

Adobe Suite


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