Be Bold in Block Red

How to Style Red

One of my all time favourite colours to dress myself in is red. It’s the boldest and most vibrant colours there are! Perfect for when you want to feel confident and powerful. Designers such as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Alexander McQueen love using this palette. When working at Kurt Geiger I always get asked what our red shoes will go with. “More red with some black” is always my response. In my opinion black and red is one of the best colour combinations you can use and yet so many people seem to lose confidence in the idea of red when trying to pick an outfit around it. 

To prove my point I have gathered some images of celebrities and bloggers who have shown just how amazing it can look!

To compliment this I’ve created a collage of my own pieces of red and black items I’m currently lusting over…


I hope this inspires you guys to go ahead and purchase the next red clothing item you’re debating over!

For links on where I found any clothing items, follow My Polyvore Page for the links.


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